Occupational Therapy

Welcome back everyone!

Occupational therapy comes in many different forms. Children with autism who require occupational therapy may not know they are receiving therapy. This is because occupational therapy usually comes in the form of play. Isaiah first received occupational therapy in the Early Intervention program and he loved it!

Our everyday lives consist of occupational therapy and we are not even aware of it. When we get dressed in the mornings, when we write, when we eat, when we use the toilet and the list goes on. These things are second nature to us but for people with autism these tasks could be hard for them to achieve.

Isaiah receives these services twice a week in school and his ABA therapist works with him after school on this. Isaiah started receiving ABA in August of 2020 and always had difficulty with writing. With the help of therapy in school and ABA he is now able to write his name independently with the help of a pencil grip. This is so awesome because at one point this was a difficult task for him to achieve. Dressing was also a difficult task for him as well; although he hasn't completely mastered that task, he is able to dress with supervision. Sometimes we use the iPad as an incentive to get him dressed. I've been working with him for weeks with putting on his socks and it was difficult for him because he would only place the sock on his big toe and I kept explaining to him that the sock has to go on all the toes in order for it to go on. With weeks of practice, Isaiah was getting dressed one day and I told him to put on his socks and he did it independently and correctly. I was so proud of him. This was such an accomplishment for him!

Any kind of progress for a child with autism is great!

Thank you for tuning in and hope to see you next week. Until then squeeze someone you love!

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