Physical Therapy

Happy Saturday!

Today I will talk about physical therapy. When my son was in his developmental stage, he was a bit delayed compared to children his age. He sat up, crawled and walked at a late age. I was concerned but didn't know what was going on. Eventually he did these things but his balance was not 100 percent. It wasn't until he was diagnosed with ASD is when everything started to make sense to me.

Once Isaiah started to walk, his balance was always off. He seemed clumsy and always bumping into things. When he finally started Early Intervention, he received PT twice a week. We were seeing some improvements which was great. While speaking to his therapist we learned that he had low muscle tone, which caused his balance to be off and to why he could not do certain things that children his age were doing.

At this time Isaiah was three but still having difficulty kicking, catching and throwing a ball. With all the therapy sessions Isaiah has received throughout the years he has improved tremendously. He still receives PT but because he has been doing so well it got bumped down to once a week.

Simple play for children is PT. When you carry your child to the park and play catch or kick ball that is PT but to them they are just having fun.

I hope this was informative and helpful!

See you next week and in the mean time squeeze someone you love!

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